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Premium quality products in the range of health, wellness and fitness.

Pain treatment

Pain can originate from many different causes. It is very important to understand, that pain is a warning signal from the body.

Fitness & Rehabilitation

NMES, E-Stim or Muscle Stim stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation or NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation.

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries occur in many variations, but are mostly to ascribe to sprains / distortions, swellings, muscular injuries and pain.


Urinary incontinence — any uncontrolled leakage of urine — It is a common and distressing problem, which may have a large impact on quality of life.

Stadtholder Moor

Heat therapy is applied for blood flow and relaxes muscles.
Cold therapy is used for the treatment of inflammations, swelling / edema, pain, rheumatic disorders and fever.    
Stadtholder moorpacks were developed for general well-being.

Spectra Breastpumps

Portable and rechargeable electric breast pumps from Spectra with massage mode, backflow protection, adjustable suction levels, ultra-low-noise operation and BPA free. Very easy to use and clean. Single and double breast pumps with optional silicone massager.

Electrodes & Probes

High-quality, self-adhesive electrodes for electrostimulation and biofeedback; e.g. for tens, muscle stimulation, interference and EMG.

Contra-Indications / Warnings

Precautions should be taken when medical aids are used.

About us

Dillenburg Medical has been selling premium medical products since 1990.

Our products come with the CE-mark ; Dillenburg Medical B.V. is ISO-certified (ISO 9001:2015). 


+31 (0)72 5672090